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Before we get carried away:All information found in this blog is, in no way, medical advice. Carl Writes is not a medical professional and will never be one. All information is offered under the assumption the reader is over the legal age of consumption in their state at time of access to this website. Any advice or recommendations are purely anecdotal. Consume at your own risk.

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  • Mondays


    Things have started to spiral out of control Pushing myself in all the wrong ways Twisting Contorting to fit the expectation The standard My standard. who’s standard again? Who asked for this. The pressure, the urgency and the hustle. Why did I choose to end up here, at a dead end I’m a smart girl.…

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  • Instant Noodles, Rosin & Shrimp Chips

    Tik Tok has been pushing the instant noodles in my “for you” section lately and the stoner in me is loving it. I truly haven’t eaten them in years and have been enjoying the college flash back. The usual varieties are really limited in my neighborhood, but the spicy kimchi flavor is always in stock…

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  • Burning up the legacy

    Burning up the legacy

    If you could have something named after you, what would it be? A strain of weed, of course. A really good one though. Nice & potent head high with a little bit of body buzz. Such a human thought and necessity to leave something behind us. If we aren’t remembered after we are gone, what…

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Buy good weed

Know how to confidently walk into the dispensary and leave with something you’ll enjoy. Not all cannabis is created equally and you deserve to know what you are consuming.

Eat good things

Food and Cannabis are best friends for a reason. Learn all of the best things you should be enjoying today, either before or after you sesh.

Colorado offers incredible views, top-tier cannabis, and a fair share of great bites. Smoke it, dab it, eat it, or apply it and I’ve tried it. I love to share my experience and knowledge to help others have their best day every day.

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